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Our Story and Path

About FleeBee

We are a New York based tech accessories brand known for its collaboration with professional artists. As the results of global collaboration and exquisite symbols of artistic expression, the prints and patterns on our cases have each been carefully and lovingly designed by award-winning artists. By supporting and empowering artisans from around the globe, we have set out to join the art world with the demands of modern technology to create an impeccable (and never before attempted) union. This unique partnership allows us to feature accessories that not only show off your appreciation for artwork but also protect your personal handheld device.

Though they are like little masterpieces deserving of art galleries and showcases, FleeBee phone cases are thoroughly highlighted by exceptional manufacturing. Every phone case is produced in accordance with the highest standards, presenting you with accessories that reliably withstand the rigors of regular wear and tear. Make no mistake. Our cases might be beautiful to look at, but they’re also profoundly protective. That’s right. These fashion cases dress your phone up while also keeping it safeguarded from scratches, bumps and shock. Shop FleeBee – Where Fashion Meets Art!