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Calix Floral

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This painting was designed by the Spanish artist Ania. Ania’s masterpieces are contemporary but unorthodoxly elegant. With hours and days spent behind such exquisite paintings, her floral designs are nothing short of a feast for the eyes. Learn more about the painter and the product below.

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About This Case

This super slim cover has the certification for "Impact Resistant" and "Inside Rubber Plate" technology. It protects the device from scratch, dust, oil, dirt and drop. Flawlessly fitted and aligned port opening with detailed precision allows it to hug the device with maximum protection. In built wireless charging compatibility for iPhone and Samsung cases.

About The Artist

Ania Dergachev

From Barcelona, Spain, Ania has a degree in “Design & Illustration” and worked in the textile illustration industry for years. Some of her works were featured in big brands around the world. Her passion lies deeply within stories of illustrations. She truly believes that every illustration has its own story to tell. She finds inspiration in everything that’s weird and different. Follow her on Instagram at @whimsy_treasures; @aniadrg. 

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Collaboration With Artists

Every artist has a voice in their head painted with a million vibrant and individual colors. Each masterful stroke and delicate touch tell a different unique tale. Through personal collaboration, we work to bring these dynamic voices to life. We carefully select a handful of the most talented artists from around the globe, with each of our designs telling a story about them and their mesmerizing work. Carrying a FleeBee case is carrying these stories in the palm of your hand, stories that were painted with hundreds of colors over hundreds of hours, all available at the click of a button.

Calix Floral

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